Smart companies invest in leadership development because they are aware of the strain new leaders often experience in their new role.

Some basics that are usually covered by these programs include an emphasis on:
– The operational mechanics and,
– The management aspects involved in leading.
These two main features include things like planning, organising, budgeting, time management, delegating and giving feedback.

What is often neglected though, is how the unpredictable and political aspects of leadership can provoke strong emotional issues that affect and sometimes overshadow the physical surfaces of a leading role.
The initial excitement and eagerness of being promoted to a “leader” can swiftly be substituted by feelings of inadequacy and anxiety.
“A rookie leader that is not properly prepared for it, will be met with a fiery smack in the face when thrown into this new position.”
Here follows four brutally honest truths a rookie leader needs to acknowledge about leadership before setting out to conquer the new role:

1. People are VERY unpredictable

One of the most essential aspects to consider when looking at being innovative as a leader especially when it concerns developing or enhancing company culture, is ‘human complexities’.

“Even though employees that frequent the workplace, call themselves adults, they can sometimes behave very immaturely.”

Adults that are regarded as highly successful, intelligent and passionate can also be indecisive, petty and sometimes even act in peculiar ways inconsistent with their normal conduct.
This can leave you dumbfounded, gobsmacked and highly annoyed and it’s going to take a lot of self-control and wisdom to divert these encounters into positive outcomes.

2. The insistent pressure to perform is EXCRUCIATING

“Not being overcome by the weight of this pressure is going to be a true test to your mental health state.”

As a leader your performance and results are constantly being monitored, your reputation is always on the line and you are expected to consistently outperform your previous results. This pressure is further increased by the people that rely on you for leading the way and not letting them down.

3. Part of your job is to make people feel UNCOMFORTABLE

Humans are lazy creatures that seek comfort. Organisations and their people need to constantly be stretched and challenged to avoid breeding complacency and becoming stagnant.

“As a leader, everything you do needs to create, implement and manage the evolution of your team to ensure the company stays ahead in the game.”

This means you will constantly be placing employees in a zone of discomfort which in turn won’t ensure your popularity amongst them.

4. Help is NOT on the way

Being self-reliant, independent and unwavering is the mark of a solid leader. But, there will be times that the sheer volume and intensity of the challenges you’re facing will be overwhelming to say the least.

“With no parachute strapped to your back as a contingency strategy, you’ll often feel like you’re building the plane as you’re flying through a war-stricken zone.”

This staggering realisation that you’re alone while under siege could incite the moment that the leader inside you is born.
This special occasion will not be delivered without pain or injuries as it also involves facing your own shortcomings and dealing with it.