Brand Strategy & Integrated Marketing

At TENASU, we specialise in revolutionising brand and marketing strategies, with a deep focus on meaningful and intentional growth.  Our unique approach prioritises strategic thinking over fleeting tactics, allowing us to adapt our strategies to a diverse range of business needs.  

Our expertise in understanding the numbers, crafting compelling narratives, and building strong relationships allows us to help businesses succeed in dynamic and competitive markets. Through our collaboration with Verity Consulting, we can strengthen our capacity to drive businesses towards unparalleled growth.

Why Business Trust TENASU

Adaptability and wide range of experience

Our innate drive to improve and humanise the marketing and client experience

Footprint across 21+ locations worldwide

Focus on strong working relationships

Commitment to deliver long-term results

Your Brand Strategy Partner

Zac Daunt_2024
Zac Daunt

Industry: Advertising & Marketing Services

Specialisms & key competencies:

TENASU specialises in marketing, brand, and growth strategy, offering expert services to businesses of all sizes – from solopreneurs and micro-businesses to start-ups and companies turning over $20M per year.

Led by Zac Daunt, the team’s unique advantage is their expertise in understanding the numbers, crafting compelling narrative, and building long-term relationships.


– Brand Strategy

– Marketing Strategy

– Digital Marketing Strategy

– Social Media Management

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