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At Verity we don’t believe it’s important to think the same. But it’s crucial for different minds, experiences and points of view to work towards a unified goal.

Whether you engage a single partner or team, you’ll find us relentlessly committed to yours.


Andre van der Merwe_2024
Andre van der Merwe

Industry: Recruitment

Specialisms & key competencies:
We specialise in providing comprehensive recruitment services to businesses operating nationally in the construction, engineering, and manufacturing industries nationwide.
We source and recruit talented professionals across a wide range of business functions, including management, sales, marketing, operations, engineering, administration, and management accounting.

Problems we solve & value we add:
We excel at solving the challenges of attracting, securing, and retaining top talent for some of Australia’s most renowned companies. By working closely with our clients and taking the time to understand their unique needs, we help them overcome their talent acquisition obstacles and achieve their goals
Whilst taking the brief and sometimes whilst fulfilling the assignment, we discover that the same reasons that led to having to recruit in the first place are also causing a number of issues in the company (performance, productivity, profitability). In addition to our recruitment expertise, our affiliation with Verity allows us to identify other issues that may be impacting our clients’ performance, productivity, and profitability. We can recommend specialist consulting partners with the niche expertise to address these challenges and drive lasting success.”

Wayne Bramwell_2024
Tameka Bramwell_2024
Wayne & Tameka Bramwell

Industry: Business Consulting (HR, Safety & Compliance)

Specialisms & key competencies:
We are a trusted provider of professional advice within the fields of human resources, work health and safety, and compliance. We pride ourselves on working closely with our clients as part of their team, delivering expert guidance and support to help them achieve their goals.

Problems we solve & value we add:
Our expertise extends across a range of areas, including strategic planning, team culture, leadership development, and performance improvement. We also provide specialist in-house support for work health and safety and compliance, with expertise in quality, safety, environment, and information security systems to achieve ISO certification. We can also assist with compliance requirements in the NDIS and HACCP areas.
As a Verity Partner, we are able to offer additional specialist support beyond our own area of expertise. This allows us to provide a comprehensive and tailored solution to our clients’ most complex challenges, no matter what they may be.

Michael Kerwin

Industry: Accounting & Business Advisory

Specialisms & key competencies:
We specialise in providing accounting and business advisory services to privately owned businesses. We focus on helping businesses grow and improve, with services ranging from end-to-end accounting and finance needs to one-off specialized advisory engagements.

Problems we solve & value we add:
Any business problems that are financial in nature, most common problems include: require proactive advice on solving business problems around growth & business improvement strategies; building succession plans and assistance with implementation, including getting business “sale ready”; business restructures; effective and efficient tax strategies.
As a well-established mid-tier accounting firm, we combine expertise in accounting and tax with a personal touch that prioritizes the people behind the business. Our extensive network also allows us to connect our clients with expert partners in areas outside of accounting.

Mark Jackson

Industry: General Insurance/Insurance Broking

Specialisms & key competencies:
We specialise in providing expert advice and support services for a wide range of business-focused insurance products, including property, public liability, professional indemnity, cyber liability, and more. Our team of product specialists has the technical expertise necessary to ensure that our clients receive the best possible advice, no matter where they’re located in Australia.

Problems we solve & value we add:
We understand that many business owners struggle with time management and clarity around the insurance process and outcomes. That’s why we take a proactive approach, starting well in advance of renewal dates and scheduling strategic review meetings with our clients to understand their business needs, goals, and upcoming renewal strategies.

By taking the time to truly understand our clients’ businesses and their desired outcomes, we can provide tailored insurance solutions that meet their specific needs. We don’t just focus on risk information – we take a holistic approach that includes support in other areas as needed, pointing our clients towards other professionals who can help.

CONTACT: [email protected]

Industry: Legal Services

Specialisms & key competencies:
Employment Law and Workplace Relations – as the lawyers for employers we work with human resources and people and culture departments with Local Councils, Manufacturing, NDIS Service Providers, Health and Allied Health and Professional Services.

Problems we solve & value we add:
Our team provides practical and actionable legal advice to mitigate risk and liability for our clients. We understand that employment law can be complex and confusing, which is why we focus on education and building the capability of employers to reduce their legal liability and avoid surprises.
Our team of hand-picked lawyers have diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in matters such as unfair dismissal, workplace bullying, sexual harassment, performance management, contract reviews, restructures and redundancies, and people management training. We work closely with our clients’ HR teams to provide tailored and strategic advice that they can trust. Our goal is to provide a value-added service that not only resolves legal issues but also helps our clients achieve their business objectives.

Rob Caughey

Industry: Business Coaching / Service Industry

Specialisms & key competencies:
We are a leadership coaching and mentoring partner for business owners with a turnover of over $1 million.
Our clients typically face challenges such as working too many hours, not prioritizing what’s important to them, working for their team instead of the other way around, and not seeing the desired return on investment. They may also feel like they’re working for the business instead of the other way around.

Problems we solve & value we add:
We deliver absolute clarity about what our clients really want to achieve in life and to provide a safe and guided environment which allows them to fulfil their ultimate lifestyle goals. We also implement coaching methods that leverage our clients best cash generating vehicle for personal freedom – their business.
The key outcome is a carefully curated and customised plan which is as unique as them, enabling them to grow their business, amplify their investments and finally, realise their ultimate position of choice lifestyle and exit strategy. A process completed in five steps, Kaibizzen constructs a pathway for their lifestyle success which starts and ends with them.

CONTACT: [email protected]

James Bartrop_2024
James Bartrop

Industry: IT & Cyber Security

Specialisms & key competencies:
We provide expert services in Managed IT, Cyber Security, Business Continuity, Web & Cloud Hosting, Microsoft 365, IT Strategy, and Phone Systems to businesses of all sizes.

Problems we solve & value we add:
Our comprehensive approach to IT and cyber security helps businesses stay protected from a wide range of threats, including cyber attacks, data breaches, and IT failures. We provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each business, so they can focus on what they do best.
At ShadowSafe, we understand that technology can be stressful, and we’re here to help. With over 20 years of experience, our team is committed to providing top-notch services and support that businesses can rely on. Our goal is to give our clients peace of mind, knowing that their IT and cyber security needs are in good hands.

Tristan Mitterstoger_2024_V2
Tristan Mitterstoger

Industry: Digital Marketing

Specialisms & key competencies:
We specialise in in raising the standard of digital campaigns for clients in the professional services, trade, and e-commerce industries. We aim to generate leads while showcasing each client’s professionalism, work, and products.

Problems we solve & value we add:
We help small to enterprise businesses generate leads and increase their online visibility by positioning their online presence higher in search results and social media. Additionally, we build high-performing websites that meet brand requirements and outperform competitors when using digital campaigns.
At Resurge Digital, we genuinely care about our clients’ long-term success and reputation. Our partnership with Verity Consulting allows us to address the root causes of our clients’ digital challenges and make recommendations to our trusted partners. We provide exceptional digital marketing solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals and stand out in a competitive online landscape.

Industry: Commercial Law

Specialisms & key competencies:
McLaughlin & Associates Lawyers is a full-service law firm with expertise across Commercial and Business Law, Property Law, Conveyancing, Elder and Retirement Law, Wills and Estate Planning, Litigation and Family Law.

Problems we solve & value we add:
We are committed to solving complex legal challenges and providing tailored solutions to our clients. Our team’s extensive experience across diverse legal areas enables us to address a wide range of issues. We add value by ensuring a seamless legal experience, guiding our clients through every step of their legal journey with professionalism and empathy.

Zac Daunt_2024
Zac Daunt

Industry: Brand and Integrated Marketing

Specialisms & key competencies:

We specialise in creating transformative marketing and brand strategies, underpinned by the Japanese concept of Omotenashi, emphasizing wholehearted service. Our expertise lies in understanding numbers, crafting narratives, and building relationships, which are crucial for modern business success. We excel in aligning market, offers, and presence, empowering businesses through strategic collaboration – transforming marketing activities from mere expenses into calculated investments.

Problems we solve & value we add:
We are dedicated to resolving complex marketing challenges and providing customised strategic solutions. Our extensive experience across various industries enables them to tackle a diverse range of marketing issues, from basic brand establishment to intricate expansion strategies. We add value by ensuring a seamless marketing journey, guiding clients through every step with expertise and a deep understanding of business dynamics. We integrate analytical insights with creative storytelling, promising not just results but meaningful business growth.

Our affiliation with Verity Consulting allows us to offer a holistic approach to achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients. At TENASU, every client is not just a service but a partnership – fostering long-term success and impact.

CONTACT: [email protected]

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