5 Proven Guidelines to Recruiting and Retaining Top Candidates

5 Proven Guidelines to Recruiting and Retaining Top Candidates

Having a high employee turnover is a dilemma that steals time and productivity and is every business owner’s worst nightmare.
Hiring employees is only the start to creating a strong work force. Next, you have to keep them and attract the best candidates for new positions that become available.
Ponder over these tips to attract and retain the best employees.

1.Be Known As a Great Employer

“People who take care in selecting their employer of choice are more likely the better candidates.”

To them it’s not just a means to an end – their job will form a part of their lives where they want to find balance and contentment. Getting the message out in the public that you are a great employer ensures you have the pick of the crop when facing candidates.
It’s worth reviewing the key areas that will influence your recognition as an employer of choice and getting your current employees talking about it. Some key areas will include (and are not limited to) your practices for motivation, reward, recognition, promotion and flexibility in allowing a healthy work-life balance.

2.Involve Employees in the Hiring Process

“Companies that don’t make use of their internal knowledge are failing to recognise one of their most valuable assets in the recruitment process.”

Leaders often have a few blind spots in character judgement which they’re not even aware of until it’s too late. Having more people involved in the interview process provides an extensive perspective and greater insight into the candidate sitting in front of you. Also by allowing team members to have a voice in the hiring process, it motions that you value their intuition and long for the hiring decision to be a shared responsibility. This creates a sense of ownership in the success of the new employee and they are committed to making that co-worker succeed. After all, they wouldn’t want to be wrong, would they?

3. Pay Better Than Your Competitors
“To some it may seem obvious to try and employ staff ‘as cheaply as possible’. But beware – not only is this just plain bad practice, it’s a false economy and a recipe for disaster.”
In the job market you will essentially get what you pay for. Sooner or later a person accepting a position for less than they’re worth will resent their compensation, feel unappreciated, and be on their way to find greener pastures. Do your homework by surveying competitors and establish the wage scale that will attract and retain the best candidates.
 4. Use Benefits to Your Advantage
“You can’t be an employer of choice without offering a good benefits package.”
Remember that employees want to be able to balance work with other life responsibilities. They will value flexibility that can allow them to balance their benefit choices with those of their working partner. Attempt to keep any benefits you offer above the industry average and tailor them to suit the individual needs of new employees.
 5. Offer a Fantastic Induction & Orientation Programme
“A new staff member’s view of the company and attitude towards their role and colleagues is strongly influenced by early impressions.”

A well planned and executed orientation and induction program will help make those first impressions positive and is essential for all staff – regardless of their role or rank in the company. When the transition into the new workplace is smooth, those positive first impressions will be lasting and in return create a lasting employee.

“Investing in the recruitment and retaining of staff are equally important.”

We all know that recruitment can be expensive, time-consuming and stressful. Therefore, once you have a good work force it pays to make sure they stay.


By Andre van der Merwe