Make your business work FOR you!

At Kaibizzen, we believe in making your business work for you, rather than you working for it. Our coaching programs are fully customisable to fit your individual need and goals. We provide a guided and safe environment to elevate the lives of business owners by making your most valuable cash-generating vehicle – your business – work for you. You will have the right tools to grow your business, amplify your investments, and realise your ultimate position of choice lifestyle and exit strategy.

Kaibizzen’s relationship with Verity Consulting ensures that your journey towards the achievement of your personal and business goals includes a professional team of specialists in the various aspects of business.

Why Clients Choose Kaibizzen?

To have absolute certainty in themselves and their team to make it happen

To reach growth they never thought achievable

To get a team doing what they’re meant to be doing – resulting in more time for themselves and their family

To have a lot more options because they’ve got their time back

To find focus and clarity that delivered a balance that ticks all the boxes

To turn a highly stressful working environment into a personally and professionally rewarding and successful business environment

Your Business Coaching Partner

Rob Caughey

Industry: Business Coaching / Service Industry

Specialisms & key competencies:

Kaibizzen is a trusted business coaching and mentoring partner for companies achieving annual turnover of over $1 million. We pride ourselves in our longstanding track record of outcome success across industries.

Rob Caughey is the Co-Founder of Kaibizzen. With over 25 years of experience, Rob uses effective frameworks for clearly defining personal priorities and unveiling how business leaders can leverage their behaviours and life priorities to achieve the pinnace of lifestyle success.


– High-performance coaching

– Business coaching

– Mentoring

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