There are several positives to working from home – no travel time, no office workwear, no makeup, no parking or go-card, reduced fuel costs and wear and tear on vehicles. Although it does mean that managing productivity will require resetting expectations around tasks, schedules and accountability.

Not everyone can maintain focus on work in the home environment. Distractions from other members of the family also working from home or needing home-schooling will be a challenge form many having to operate within a different work ecosystem. Some suggestions to keep your people on task:

  • Be realistic about the time available for work-related tasks. If there are home-schooling responsibilities to fit in, the hours for work will reduce. Calculate the time that can be dedicated for work. Reset expectations and tasks accordingly
  • Set a daily routine that breaks the day into three phases. The morning routine requires you are ready to turn up to your “virtual” workplace. Continue to do the things you would normally do to go to work- wake up at a set time, brush hair and teeth, get dressed be camera-ready. Schedule your breaks. There is no reason you cannot take a 10-minute break at 10 am as you would normally at the office.   The afternoon routine may be the time spent making calls or having meetings or preparing reports. Then a night routine so that it is clear when your time out from work and focus on family time.
  • Prioritisation and adjustment to new routines is the answer to managing productivity. Establishing times for online meetings and team catch-ups will help everyone establish a new work rhythm

You will be pleasantly surprised how much more can be jammed into your day.

For more information or advice on how to manage productivity with a changed work ecosystem, check out “Ready for the Bounce” and do not hesitate to get in touch with Verity Consulting Partners for additional tips and tactics.