When you employ staff, you bring them on for what’s in their heads. When they sign your employment contract, they bring their hearts as well as their heads.

It is common to think that staff motivation is about the money. It is less common to think it’s about connection, purpose and alignment to core values.

As the Jessie J lyrics go, ‘it’s not about the money… forget about the price tag”.

Build a great culture by appealing to the hearts and minds of the people who work for you. By doing this performance will soar.

Don’t be fooled into thinking culture is about being a ‘cool organisation’ or one that offers massages during lunch breaks (although these are nice touches). The effects of a positive and collaborative culture can ripple throughout your entire organisation – impacting your employees, customers and even your bottom line.

Build a great culture and it will save you having to fix emotive, costly crises in the long run. Free office massages, yoga and muffins don’t build great culture if they don’t support your values.

Does your current culture need a reboot? Let’s grab a coffee to see how we can help you kick-start culture-building techniques tailored to your business.