The Secret Sauce for High Performing Teams

Like any delicious meal, it is the culmination of flavours with a special sauce to finish the dish that delivers the ultimate result. As a metaphor for team effectiveness, the flavours are inspiring leaders and engaged team members and the special sauce…. Well, that is the secret, isn’t it?

Inspiring leaders must create an environment within which teams can flourish and thrive. Resolve conflicts in a healthy and constructive way that encourage innovation and improvement and not diminished morale. Beyond charisma, there are some tangible things all leaders must do to facilitate high performing teams. Firstly, team configuration – Take a moment to determine what is the right team size and then the mix of skills and experience needed. Secondly, rules of engagement – give them a framework that allows cultural norms to build and offer guidance on ways to communicate and resolve conflict internally, when to escalate and measures of performance.

Engaged team members feel they have the skills and resources they need to do their best work. They also feel connected to the purpose of the organisation and are clear on expectations of themselves, and their fellow team members. They feel ‘safe’ to express their ideas, give and receive feedback and enjoy some level of autonomy to make decisions (within the scope of their work responsibility of course).

Now for the secret sauce…. There is little benefit that is derived from inspiring

leaders and engaged teams without outcomes that are long term and sustained.

Outcomes are the end game in any business although we can at times pay it lip service. Conversations tend to close off with the mention of outcomes be they personal, professional or organisational. Outcomes can be short term wins or long-term market gains. Short-term wins are important but will not sustain high performing teams. High performing teams need to see long term outcomes because it is this that will nurture their loyalty, connect them to the organisation purpose, their team and their own levels of motivation.

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By Mia Aldridge