The greatest pitfalls for employers at each stage of the employment lifecycle – Employment Separation

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Consider this

You are a small to medium enterprise (SME) and an employee you hired 12 months ago is not working out. You have made that difficult decision and will need to let them go.

You ask yourself: What happened? They were so perfect at interview and in the first 3 months. Conversations since then have been particularly challenging. How did I miss this?

Does this scenario sound familiar? Have you been here before? Verity Consulting is here to help you make sense of the potential points of failure along the employment lifecycle.

Some food for thought as you reflect upon your own people management challenges.

There are 4 points at which the above scenario could have been avoided.

  1. Pre-employment
  2. Employment and Onboarding
  3. Managing and Developing Employees
  4. Employment Separation

The last area of the employment lifecycle that can be a source of people management challenge is Employment Separation.

Business reality is that employees will leave. The circumstances of the decision and the employer obligations must be well understood.

There is complexity and misunderstanding in this space. Beware of your legal obligations in relation to voluntary and involuntary separations.

Know the difference between termination and redundancy. Avoid playing the redundancy card when in fact you want to terminate. Redundancies are role-driven. It means you no longer need the role in the business. If you recruit to a role that was deemed redundant, you may find yourself in a world of hurt and face an adverse action claim against you and your business. Avoid being called to show cause at the Fair Work Commission.

Important advice:

  • Keep records of conversations even those in the hallway
  • Maintain confidentiality—issues that underpin decisions to separate an employee are not for the gossip channel
  • Be mindful of employer relationships and friendship relationships in the workplace
  • If in doubt – get professional advice. Verity Consulting can help you navigate this quagmire

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By Verity Consulting Partners