When people talk about the “north star”, it is the brightest star in the constellation. It gives direction as it glows brightly in the sky. Every organisation has a north star. This is its purpose, its destination to achieving business goals and not just surviving but thriving in the market.

It is also a symbol of hope and inspiration. During a crisis, such as the one the whole world is navigating in COViD-19 there is more pressure, fewer resources, less certainty and more need than ever to maintain the confidence of the people who work for you.

Focus is everything during a crisis. An organisation’s focus is the fundamental reason it exists – its purpose.  Crisis or not, your purpose has not changed. Think of the local cafes who no longer offer a dine-in service and now provide a take-away service only – their “why” has not changed.

Now, more than ever, being clear about your organisation’s purpose enables you to communicate your “why” to staff, clients, suppliers and everyone you meet.

Show leadership to your employees who may be feeling insecure about their jobs. Communicate that despite the impacts on the business, the company’s purpose remains solid. Using the café example, tell them to continue smiling and making the best latte in town!

Show compassionate leadership to your teams who may be missing social interaction and work rituals which is affecting their mental well-being. Perhaps gift them an uber eats voucher so they can enjoy a zoom lunch with colleagues or other perks such as, allow employees to download a meditation app and expense the cost back to the company; sponsor a book club so that employees can purchase professional development and non-professional development titles at no cost.

By focusing on purpose and showing compassionate leadership, employees feel more connected than ever to the organisation’s ‘why’.

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