Have you ever wondered why some people re-act opposite to others and why you find it necessary to approach different people in entirely different ways?

The world’s most successful business managers use behavioural assessment tools to help them understand what makes their team members tick.

Understanding people is perhaps our most challenging management task simply because excellent communication is fundamental to success. Every one of us has a different behavioural style, and we have all made ourselves what we are. Already in our childhood, our parents, relatives and friends have “done their best” to help us form our personalities.

We have, however, psychologically made all the decisions concerning the formation of our personalities by ourselves. Most of these decisions have been made in our unconscious mind without us even realising it. For this reason, we are not always aware of the full potential our personality provides.

Our Psychometric Evaluation Profile tools is based on the unconscious and allows the comparison of a person’s conscious behavioural style to a person’s unconscious behavioural style.

The Profile tools does not report on what we already know about someone, or what someone knows about themself, (which is what virtually every other system is based on). It can also identify if a person is: comfortable in their work role, under pressure, feeling insecure, frustrated or feels the need to adjust to a role outside their comfort zone.

Reports help match people to their ideal role and help them understand their strengths and weaknesses. The profiles also help people understand why there are certain situations in which they are comfortable or uncomfortable. The report can help explain why some tasks take more energy for people to perform while other jobs seem so easy, taking much less energy.

Knowing these things has, of course, many advantages. As an employer, you can be confident that you appoint the best-suited people to any given role and that you can identify potential leaders for your business.

Report can help individuals to focus on areas they need to develop and help them understand why they react to different people in different ways.

For a business owner, it provides valuable information on the unconscious behavioural style of a person who may be challenging to communicate with. Best of all, once you know what motivates them or what can be intimidating to them, you can help them perform at their best — providing them with the opportunity to work in a role which would be the most rewarding for them.

Thank you to our Partners at HR Profiling for their insights