It may feel like a nice-to-have although if the difference between the top 20% of organisations and others is –they do onboarding and they do it well – would you be interested in their secret sauce recipe?

Here are some facts and figures for you to consider

  • Pre-employment activities at Google reduces time to full productivity by 25%
  • 60% of manager who admitted to onboarding failure agreed it was due to not establishing effective working relationships
  • 77% of employees who quit could have been retained by employers, according to the 2018 Retention Report by Work Institute
  • In relation to job characteristics, 11.2% leave due to poor training and 14.7% due to limited resources that were promised at interview
  • In relation to work environment, 34% felt culture-employee fit was not right
  • first-year turnover has been the highest in 8 years with 50% leaving in the first 90 days of employment

Have you heard of the SenzaCarta approach to maximising the experience of new employees? This will streamline your onboarding process into a plug and play platform for new staff.

If you are keen to join the top 20% of organisations who are managing staff turnover through effective onboarding, get in touch with Verity Management Consulting and ask for Andre van der Merwe (info who would be happy to assist you.

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