Whether clients are enticed to proceed beyond the website landing page or enter the front door is influenced heavily by brand photography.

What is brand photography? These are the images selected to represent your business. They communicate business values, beliefs and the type of client experience they can expect in their interactions with you.

In a competitive market, brand recognition not only helps clients discover and select you amongst others, it is a strong predictor of whether clients will feel a connection and develop into lifelong clients of yours.  To get brand photography right follow these fundamental principles:

  1. Be relatable– It is important to connect with the clients you want to attract. One of the best ways to do this is show examples of working with someone just like them or having a visual testimonial from someone you’ve worked with just like them.
  2. Be consistent – When someone sees content related to your brand, they should be able to instantly recognise that it belongs to your brand. This is best achieved by deciding on a palette of colours, text, shapes and most importantly the look and feel of the photos and video you use. If it is all consistent you will look professional and recognisable.
  3. Tell a story – Your clients will relate better if you can tell a story with your visual content that is pertinent to their own experiences. Show them visually that you have solutions for their problems and that you understand their pain points.
  4. Don’t be shy – Spread your visual content across multi platforms. You can’t sell a secret or Casper the ghost!
  5. Show yourself – We live in a high tech and high touch world. Knowing the person behind the brand has never been more important
  6. Show your team – Rarely are successful businesses are one-person show. Empower your team and feature their strengths and expertise in your use of images
  7. Show your facilities – In addition to the people-side, the setting, space and décor where business is conducted, also tells a powerful story of pride, business personality, work relationships and commitment to quality
  8. Show your products – Your clients will want to know your point of difference. Why would they choose your product over a competitor’s product? Remove all doubt by showcasing your product offering

Investing in brand image will be one of the best decisions you can make for long term business success.

About Our Verity Consulting Visual Partner

Brand image is worth 1000 words and more – Cindy Lee from Studio 4 Media

When a picture is worth 1000 words your brand image will consistently deliver the wow factor.

The visual impact will etch high recall for your brand. Customers, clients and pedestrians will instantly recognise your business in the market. Studio 4 Media specialises in brand photography with a formula for producing the “wow” that has stood the test of time.

Brand photography is more than palettes of colour, text and shapes although we do use these to your advantage. Unlike any other medium, photography tells a story that is relatable and triggers fond memories and experiences that will connect people visually and emotionally.

It delivers power of attraction to your business that will help you stand out from the competition and communicate a visual proposition that is exciting, fresh and personable.

More effective than marketing tag lines, brand photography showcases your value, team and passion. Don’t be the best kept secret in town. In a high tech, high touch world this is not the time for being humble. Spread your visual content across multiple platforms and shine your light brightly on how your business can solve business problems.

Whether you are building a personal or corporate brand wear your heart on your sleeve. Brand photography will capture the sparkle in your eye and that all-important first impression that no words can. Bring life to your brand that will hold peoples’ attention longer and expose the strength and depth in your products and services.

Together, we can create something truly special. Studio 4 Media looks forward to retelling your story through light, camera and action.

(Post inspired by Cindy Lee, Studio 4 Media)