Proven Tactics to Improve your ROI from Every Generation

Your definitive guide to getting the most out of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Y & WE

This is the first our three-part blog, collectively setting you up to get the most out every generation in your team.

First, the basics…

While it is nearly impossible to emphatically define one generation from another, the most important factor to consider is that a group of people experienced the same social, political, technological, and work-related struggles as others in their era. Members of the same generation also share core values and goals, both of which are shaped by events that occurred in their formative years. Each generation therefore views the concept of “work” differently.

“Quick reference” to each generation

While no one generation is “better” than another, they certainly all have unique strengths and weaknesses. Below is a chart illustrating the strengths and weaknesses of different generations in the workplace:
“Workforce management methodology” is evolving at an unprecedented rate, desperately trying to keep up with generational change and the advent of new technology.

If today’s Manager is looking to achieve sales, operational and strategic targets, then understanding each generation to harness their strengths and mitigate their weaknesses is just the starting point.

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By Andre van der Merwe