Verity – "A true principle or belief, especially one of fundamental importance"

We believe success across all areas of business is governed by a handful of fundamental principles which transcend time, industry trends, competitor behavior and changing market conditions. At Verity we work with you to identify and integrate the principles that govern success across every area of your business. Guaranteeing increased ROI in a sustainable manner.


Working across all levels of your organisational structure, we ensure that your leaders have the capability and "stretch" required to deliver your strategy.

You should contact us when you are planning to grow, to assess leadership capability or to find out who your leaders are. When you experience challenges attributed to poor leadership or when your leaders are not delivering.


We analyse, identify, and clearly define the reasons for non-performance, before taking corrective action to generate immediate results and implementing training, development, and matrix solutions to ensure ongoing success.

You should contact us when you need to increase sales, grow your sales team, increase sales team capability, create a more cohesive team, require a better-defined sales matrix.


Once your leadership capability and sales performance is optimised, "sustainability" becomes a priority.

Our HR and Operations team work with you to ensure all related processes and systems are up to date, simplified and relevant to facilitate ongoing success across all areas your business.



In business, everything begins and ends with leadership. We work with you to attract, retain and develop effective and inspiring leaders. In turn we assist those leaders to build cohesive teams who are able to flex, adapt and grow with the business.

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Sales & Marketing

We view sales in an organisation, the same way a mechanic views oil in an engine. It is essential to ensuring the smooth running of the overall system and needs to have the correct mix of elements to ensure long-term success and prosperity. A world-class sales engine requires at least five integrated and optimised elements.

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Human Resources

Statistics show that 78% of all problems faced by managers on a daily basis are related to the people they manage. Up to date and relevant-to-your-business HR management practices diminishes this statistic and we employ world class HR Specialists to help you do so.

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Our Specialist Operations Consultants are experts in Lean, Agile and other related methodologies. We will help to ensure you have a safe, lean working environment that engage staff to produce optimised results in a sustainable manner.

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Freight & Logistics

Consistently one of the areas in business that sees us increase bottom-line profitability in the shortest amount of time. Sometimes seen as a "dark art", freight and logistics management is often left unchecked for too long. We have partnered with some of Australia's best specialist Freight & Logistics Consultants, who are able to look at your entire procurement process to ensure optimised practices. Often saving you money where you'd least expect it!

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Not viewed as a specific area in business, this is nonetheless a stand-alone specialist area within our company. We partner with our clients and add a scientific approach to recruiting, onboarding, training and development practices. This is guaranteed to increase the success rate of hiring the right people, increasing performance, tenure; and ultimately overall ROI.

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