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Operational support

Womack once wrote: “Just as a carpenter needs a vision of what to build in order to get the full benefit of a hammer, Lean Thinkers need a vision before picking up our lean tools. Thinking deeply about purpose, process, people is the key to doing this.

Our Specialist Operations Consultants are experts in outcome driven applications of design thinking, Lean, Agile and other related methodologies and employ several strategies, depending on the nature of your business and industry you operate in. You should contact us when you are experiencing operational issues that impact the Human component within your business, but are derived from big data, asset management, and value engineering.production / manufacturing / systems related practices. The easiest time to support operational excellence is when operational capability is being designed.

The three principle areas we explore when considering your operational needs:



Operational capability requires the alignment of critical processes, resources and technology to deliver the customer focused value proposition contained in the organisational vision.



Designed to deliver repeatable and reliable the long term outcomes from order to delivery and be cost effective over the long term.



Create challenging satisfying work environment that encourage employees and managers to make independent decisions and find ways to improve value creation.

”¬†The future will focus on mass customization, moving the mindset from continuous improvement to designing disruptive interventions that redefine performance within industries and customer outcomes.”

Stephen Bras

When would you use Verity to improve operational results in your organisation?

  • To maximize customer value while minimizing waste
  • When you want to create more value for customers with fewer resources.
  • To empower your teams to continuously optimize development of new and existing products, in order to be competitive in the market place, by assessing the direction of a project throughout the development lifecycle.
  • When you need to understand customer value and focusing on the key processes to continuously increase that value