Statistics show that 78% of all problems faced by Managers on a daily basis are related to the people they manage. We have partnered with some of Australia’s best HR experts to put together the core principles that govern success in managing people.

Increased efficiency, tenure and performance is seen as a “stock standard” result when employing a Management Consultancy and the same goes for you when you engage Verity. However, due to our approach of imbedding fundamental principles across all the areas of your business, we not only increase performance across all matrix within your company, but do so whilst making ourselves redundant and leaving you with sustainable long term increased performance.

When would you consider using Verity to add value to the human component of your business?

  • Identify, attract, fill, and retain talent
  • On boarding
  • Induction
  • Training
  • Developing
  • Coaching
  • Industrial relations
  • HR Strategy
  • Change management
  • Commercial / Contract Law
  • Position descriptions
  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Dispute management
  • Performance management
  • Performance analytics
  • Personal development programs