The Hatch Advisory Group across the AEM region recently embarked on a journey to grow the business significantly, which required an aggressive business development strategy. Knowing that people sit at the heart of enabling this strategy, it was decided to use Verity Consulting’s Psychometrics evaluations as one of the tools to create more meaningful interactions, internally across the geographically dispersed team and externally with clients and suppliers.

The evaluations provide a means for the team to understand their own and others’ behaviour, and as a result prevents potential points of conflict. To date Andre van der Merwe from Verity Consulting has facilitated multiple Psychometric debriefing sessions for us. Not only have we successfully achieved the outcomes we were looking for from these sessions, but his previous sales background also abled Andre to provide meaningful insights in to how the team can practically use their learnings to achieve enhanced results with both customers and internal stakeholders.

Overall everyone gained value from this and developed a curiosity to use the tool to grow themselves and the business.”

Cornelia Holtzhausen
Regional Director Advisory