Sales & Marketing

A world-class sales engine requires at least four things:

  1. A seamless Marketing process that clearly articulates the company's value proposition and consistently generates quality leads
  2. The right people in the right roles
  3. Continuous development of sales managers and salespeople to ensure they learn and master their craft
  4. Optimized processes across sales and sales management

The concept is simple and seems obvious, however the execution can be hard. That's where we help.

Marketing Process

Become a "known entity" to your customers

As we see it, Marketing is broken down in to two main components: Content and analytics. Both are important, however it's the analytics part of marketing that directly measures the success of lead generation activities and ultimately RIO.

We help you:

  • Clearly define your target market / prospective customers
  • Tailor a marketing strategy specific to your company, and product or service, following proven methodology
  • Execute your strategy whilst tracking results across agreed KPI's

Right People

Get the right people on the bus ... and in the right seat

We help you:

  • Create an accurate profile for each sales role and scientifically backed process to find and recruit great salespeople and sales managers
  • Audit your existing team to confirm if everyone is in the right role currently and implement an effective change management process, if required
  • Optimize the internal process that you use to clearly define and implement a practical development program for each team member, leading to maximized performance results across the entire employee life cycle.

Continuous Development

Boost the team's ability to sell

To be world class, managers need to effectively lead, manage, coach, train and recruit. Salespeople need to:

  • Know their numbers to know what makes them successful
  • Understand customer needs to be able to communicate value
  • Manage account strategy to become a trusted advisor
  • Be strategic in their approach whilst maintaining a highly active and visual presence within the market

We help managers and sales people excel in every one of these areas.

Optimized Process

Maximize selling time

Depending on specific requirements we are able to analyze, develop and support a sales and sales management process that:

  • Considers the entire sales and marketing process, to ensure maximum conversion through the sales funnel
  • Is simple to follow and delivers sustainable results
  • Provides maximum visibility and reporting, without bogging your team down with tons of data entry
  • Takes in to account changes in market conditions and competitor activities

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