Principle Partners

Andre van der Merwe

Managing Partner

Andre has 20 years of management experience, both as a consultant and a director. His extensive experience within the areas of recruitment and leadership development have given him insights into what principles set businesses up to succeed.

Grant Doyle

Leadership Development Partner

Grant has over 30 years experience leading dynamic teams in complex Military and Private sector operations, both domestically and abroad. Employing world class leadership methodology, he consistently delivers extraordinary results.

Mark Lenthall

Sales Optimisation Partner

Mark's expertise is practical, empirical and based on business realities, enabling businesses to take back control and be confident about consistently achieving revenue targets, profitability and continued growth in a sustainable manner.

David Toohey

Financial & Business Process Management Partner

David provides a range of financial and business process management services. He helps business owners to truly understand the financial aspect of their business, what their real current position is and where things may be heading.

Consulting Partners

Stephen Brass

Operations Improvement Partner

Stephen specialises in accelerating economic performance of capital intensive operations and is known for his legacy of building strong productive teams that deliver enduring results. He simplifies the complex and delivers sustainable solutions.

John Kelleher

Operations Partner

John is the optimal strategic thinker. The business playmaker. He lives to the mantra: 'never refuse anybody that needs help' and his goal is to ensure that each business and person he works with becomes the best versions of themselves. He sets them up to succeed.

Rachel Labuschagne

Digital Marketing Partner

Rachel's broad knowledge in branding and growing the image of a business both online and in print combined with her values and enthusiasm ensures clients are always met with the highest level of pursued results.

Mia Aldridge

Resource Partner

Mia possesses over a decade of management experience, gained whilst launching and running successful business both in Australia and the UK. Her passion lies in sharing the key principles that helped her businesses succeed.

Marc de Winnaar

Web Solutions Partner

Marc is a solutions specialist providing personalised online business management systems. He and his team will work closely with you to make sure your website is positioned for maximum engagement, lead generation and enquiry-based sales outcomes.

Jeanette Jifkins

Commercial Law Partner

Jeanette is an accomplished, professional Company Chair and Director with a background in Law, Business and Corporate Governance. She is your go to legal professional available to advise on the complexities involved in e-commerce and the digital space .

James Francis

Employment Law Specialist Partner

James will tackle your employment and general law issues in a rigorous and analytical way. Trained in alternative dispute resolution at Humboldt University of Berlin, he aims to advise on the resolution of matters without having to resort to litigation.


Aaron Macdonald

Commercial and General Insurance Partner

Aaron takes pride in providing consultative broking for the protection of your business. His philosophy and approach to insurance comes back to the results at claim time, and the focus is always looking to ensuring the best result should an event occur.

Kylie Chown

LinkedIn Specialist Partner

Kylie Chown is a LinkedIn Specialist. She has over 10 years of experience providing LinkedIn lead generation solutions to businesses. She works directly with clients to attract more leads while growing their authority, influence and reputation using LinkedIn

Kelly Fairhurst

Performance Analytics Partner

Kelly's understanding of behavioral style and DISC based psychometric profiling is second to none. Combined with her experience of operating at a GM level herself, Kelly's recommendations are practical, insightful and results orientated.

Michael Starr

Logistics Partner

Michael's objective is to bring continuous innovation to his customers' supply chain processes and methodology. He helps create a powerful competitive advantage for his clients by driving EBIT growth through operational efficiencies.

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