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Is ‘Shiny Object Syndrome’ Hurting the Growth of Your Business?

'Shiny Object Syndrome' Can Hurt the Growth of Your Business.We all love new things, that's a fact of human nature. As a business owner, reading this blog, you've probably been blessed with an entrepreneurial streak, giving you more

The 3 Horizons of Growing Your Business

In this article, we'll be diving into a strategic framework for sustainable business planning."A Strategic Framework is a comprehensive picture of an organization's strategy. It clarifies how individual efforts and team projects can more

8 essential elements your business needs to get through tough times

Does your business have a strategy that's translatable and able to pivot when required, to accommodate unforeseen adversities like an economic downturn? Several years ago, Larry Myler reported in Forbes that less than 10% of more

5 Steps to an Effective Onboarding Process

An overwhelming number of employees decide in the first six months if they will stay with a company. Companies who have a consistent mapped out onboarding process are likely to have employees in it for the long haul.Poor onboarding can more

Do You Really Know What Motivates Your Team?

Rewarding people for being good at their jobs, makes them better at that job!... RIGHT?Here is why "Social Science" says: "NO"An analogy often used to describe motivation is the carrot and the stick, with the cake being the reward and more

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